This website is an online resource on anything and everything aquarium related. Novice and seasoned hobbyists alike will benefit from this online aquarium help; they'll find a wide range of info from setting up a new tank to breeding different kinds of tropical fish. It also provides info on freshwater aquarium, aquarium issues, diagnosis of aquarium problems, aquarium advice from experts, types of water to use and so much more.

The website will not only help beginners build their first tank set up, it will also help them learn how to maintain and care for their aquariums. It publishes in-depth articles on aquariums on a regular basis, which beginners and experts can use to know more about this interesting hobby. Most beginners start out with that classic glass bowl with a goldfish in it, which in most cases, dies within a few weeks.

Knowing that these fish are extremely dependent on the care of their owners, it is extremely important for owners to have some sort of aquarium education, at the very least. This way, owners will have the knowledge they need to provide their pet fish with a good home that will allow them (fish) to live full lives, to live as long as possible, or at least, to not die prematurely. That same knowledge will also help people save a bit of money. The good thing is, beginners only need to be aware of a few things and to purchase a few items to be able to build an aquarium that's safe to live in.

The first thing that beginners need to understand is the quality of water. They need to realize that PH, high PH, ammonia nitrate, nitrite, and water hardness all play a role and have a direct effect on the water quality in an aquarium. One of the main reasons why most goldfish die in that glass bowl is poor water quality. Just remember, experts had to start out somewhere, they all started out as beginners.